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A Digital Marketer’s Guide to Home Selling and Buying

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Digital Marketing tools to get you started in the real estate industry.



As the growing need for digital marketing continues, the real estate market is beginning to reexamine how to market homes in the evolving digital space. Below are a few tips to think about when marketing a home for sale.


1. Instagram and Facebook Live Feature:Storytelling has been a key piece of our world for generations. Think of stories as an extension of that, but Live stories take it to the next level when showcasing your home on social media.


The Live feature allows you to tour a home in real time and consumers can ask you questions and engage with you while on the tour. It is almost as if they are there in person. This is a great way to provide convenience for yourself and for potential buyers.


Not only does it cast a wider net because stories do have more impressions, it also notifies users when you start the Live story. PRO TIP:When going Live be sure to have a strong WIFI connection.


If you don’t, the Live video will not be clear or lag behind when watching, which does not provide the best experience. If you don’t have a WIFI connection get a hotspot on your phone for best results.


PRO TIP: Pre-market your Live tour before you begin. Create a post earlier that day or include it in your stories on Facebook and Instagram.


Before you kick off your home tour, be sure to thank those who are viewing and encourage them to ask questions. Next you will want to drop the listing URL in the comment section of the Live story. This will allow the consumers to click on the link and reference it later.


PRO TIP:Before you end the Live story there is a feature to download the story to your phone. This is the only way to save the Live video if you want to share it at a later time.


2. E-Newsletters: Utilizing email marketing strategies allows you to stay top of mind despite not being face-to-face with clients. You can target specific consumers with targeted messaging.


Think of an email newsletter as a tool to provide a value exchange. Consider writing frequently asked questions to address any concerns your clients may have. Provide blogs and

helpful tools to get them started.


RealtySouth.com has great information like the

home estimator page, home selling tips page, home buying tips page and many blogs you can reference for credible information. 


You might also consider sharing some of your

coming soons or show recently sold homes. It takes eight to ten touch points before a consumer will work with a brand or business. At RealtySouth, we have RDesk which is an in-house free email marketing tool for our agents.


Another free email marketing tool is Mail Chimp. PRO TIP:Make sure your contact information is listed in the email and have a Call to Action (CTA) at the bottom of the email that links to your website.


3. Keywords are Crucial: Put yourself in the mind of consumers looking to purchase his or her home. What phrases do they actively research when in the awareness stage? While in the awareness stage, consumers know that they have a need but begin looking online to research their options. 


Be sure to add in keywords and phrases into the descriptions in the MLS. When adding in pictures to any website don’t forget to describe what the image is displaying and write it into the alt text.


Google can’t read images, but it can read alt text and landing pages, which helps you to organically rank in searches. The goal is to optimize each landing page on your website to boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization.)


Google then identifies your website as credible. This will help you get closer to your goal of ranking on the first page of the s­earch engine.  


4. Facebook Events: A virtual event is not unheard of, but rarely do we maximize these efforts. Facebook events are chalk full of great ways to reach a select group of invitees to participate in a property showing.


You begin by inviting certain people. Do not mass invite your entire friends list on Facebook. You want this to feel exclusive and personalized. Once the invitees select going to the event you can then pre-market your showing in the group.


Next you will film yourself going LIVE in the Facebook Event group showcasing the home. Remember that you can only perform Facebook LIVE with your iphone or ipad.


You can test this by creating a fake Facebook Event to ensure that it goes smoothly before you create the real Facebook Event page. Explain your “why.” Share why you love the home. Explain what makes this home different from any other home on the market. You can make it more fun by asking for engagement.


Ask the viewers if they want to learn more about the property or working with you as a real estate agent to drop a comment below. This is their entry into a giveaway.


Next reach out to the winner and mail them the prize. If you are on a team, all team members can go in together on the prize.


PRO TIP:RealtySouth offices could also do this for sales meetings and then go on Caravan to explore all of the homes virtually. Be sure to always close the video with a call to action.


5. Paid Social Media Advertising: Organic posts are in the past and the only way to get in front of the right people is to pay Facebook to reach targeted consumers.


Organic reach is the number of people who see your post without boosted distribution. When creating a boosted post, you can drill down to your exact audience. This includes mile radiuses, gender, age, etc.


PRO TIP:If it is a housing post, you will next to select the “Special Category” button. Then you will select “housing.” This is a recent rule passed for those advertising for employment, credit and housing.


If you don’t select these buttons your boosted post will not be approved. The reasoning behind this is because of Facebook’s algorithm. The only way to get around it is through either commenting and liking posts continuously and through paid efforts.


You do have the ability to select budget and the duration to make it more personalized to your client’s needs. This is a great way to get the word out and to share your new listing across the city without face-to-face interaction.


Be sure to include the link back to the listing you are sharing and your contact information. If people comment on the post, don’t forget to acknowledge them and engage with all comments. 


6. Virtual Tours: Are a great way to showcase a home without being Live on social media. You can connect the virtual tour through the MLS to give prospective buyers an opportunity to feel as if they are there in person.


PRO TIP: Be sure to film a continuous shot from the front entry way to the backyard. This will provide a more seamless virtual experience.


7. FaceTime and Zoom Meetings: Provides a sense of face-to-face communication without being there in person. This will allow you to better understand how the person is receiving the message through body language and facial expressions. Zoom is a simplified video conference call where you can connect through any device.


PRO TIP: There is a secret Zoom filter to make you look better on video calls. Navigate to the bottom left-hand-side of your screen and select “Video Settings.” From there, check the box marked “Touch Up My Appearance” to give you the professional look while working from home. 







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